Development Miami

Ambar Pet

Due to its great growth, the Chilean start-up Pawiis, seeking to position themselves as leaders in pet management, needed to improve the experience of their platform for veterinarians and animal groomers. To achieve this challenge, in addition to UX-UI advice, research was carried out with interviews with veterinarians, redesign of flows, and code implementation for the front-end of your App using Vue technology.


Stage 1: Research

In the Research process, the design team brought together a group of Pawiis users and gave them tasks to perform, analyzing behaviors and feelings in relation to the app. Two types of «pain point» were detected, some related to the experience (UX) and others to the interface (UI). The main idea of Pawiis is to facilitate the work of those who use it and that was not being reflected by the software.

Stage 2: Redesign

To propose the redesign of flows, the Pckz team designed a project that considered four fundamental pillars: 

  1. Identify the main objectives of users and the organization
  2. Know fully the current flows of the Pawiis platform 
  3. Redesign modifying or proposing from scratch according to each situation
  4. Ensuring the feasibility of developing this design

With all this material, the Flow Chart of the current Pawiis was created, which served as a tool for analysis, allowing to find noises and opportunities for improvements to reorganize the content. Then, a Journey Scheme was developed, allowing the detection and prioritization of specific functionalities and the creation of a new one: RECIPE.