Development Miami

First Derm

Interface redesign, payment method integration and smart ranking programming

Firstm Derm IDoc24 is an app created by dermatologists. It offers the care of dermatologists from different countries in order to facilitate access to a professional diagnosis for people with medical consultations related to the skin. In this app you can upload photos of the element to consult and receive the evaluation and response of a professional quickly.

Client: IDoc24

Interface Redesign

Based on previous usability research, the interface was redesigned with two main purposes: modernization and simplification of the process, so that any user is able to quickly understand and run through the app until the diagnosis is achieved.


The development of this redesign was very fast and in the process animations and two new components were added: the Apple Pay payment method and the programming of a smart ranking that appears when specific rules determined by the IDoc24 user experience team are met.

Tucango Aliance

This project was developed in conjunction with two teams: the current IDoc developers and the Tucango Agency, specialists in digital marketing.